About our cause

Let the story begin...


The story of Tremper spans almost a century. It is a story that has all the parts a story should have. It begins in Upstate New York. Along the Beaver Kill River, just outside Woodstock in the hamlet of Shandaken, you'll find Mt. Tremper. The mountain belongs to the Catskills and stands over 2,000 ft. tall. Mt. Tremper is dwarfed by its towering neighbors that twist and bend their way through the crisp skies of New York.

It is at the bottom of Mt. Tremper that, in 1971, a summer camp was created. The camp rested between the Beaver Kill River and Esopus Creek in the lush backcountry. Harold Haar, a teacher from Long Island and a father of 8 children, and several dedicated friends, created the camp and founded Mt. Tremper Outdoor Ministries Inc.. The organization's faith-based mission was to help and support the disadvantaged youth and provide them with an outdoor education experience. Harold Haar, and the rest of his family, along with the Norris and Morecraft families, began to dedicate every spare second to help the camp foster and grow. All the children in the three founding families were raised on this sprawling property, and still are affiliated with camp today. Over the next ten years the camp grew, as thousands of children began to understand the wonders of nature. A culture was created, an atmosphere, a feeling.

The success of Mt. Temper Outdoor Ministries began to spread throughout the camping community. It was in 1977 that Lutheran Social Services of Metropolitan New York reached out to Harold and his family and asked if they would try and revive a struggling summer camp about an hour north of New York City, called Camp Herrlich. It is here, where Harold took the culture created at Mt. Tremper and transferred his love and passion into two camps. Shortly after, in 1981, Harold decided to sell the property in Mt. Tremper and focus on just one camp. Harold fielded offers from many interested buyers, but surprised many when he accepted one of the lower offers from the Zen Mountain Monastery, led by Daido Roshi. Daido promised Harold he would never change the camp, but would continue the tradition of cherishing the land that so many cherished. It was the beginning of a great friendship and Harold knew the pristine slice of nature would forever be preserved in the hands of Daido and the Monastery.

And this story is the basis for the Tremper T Apparel line. We wish to embody the same love of philanthropy and nature. We try to take on everything Harold stood for when he created Mt. Tremper almost 40 years ago. The story of Mt. Temper lives on with Camp Herrlich. Through hard work, by Bob Gentile, and his team of eight full-time staff, 35 part-time staff and 108 seasonal employees, the camp thrives each and every day. It is there, in Patterson, New York, that Harold’s dream of a sanctuary in nature for underprivileged children continues to thrive and live. It is this camp, and these ideals, that we wish to support so they may continue to aid the children of this world and help mold a better future for us all.