About our shirts

What is Tremper T?

  • Tremper T is what happens when urban meets suburban. When fashion and camping collide.
  • Tremper T is a stylish apparel company that gives back and has a purpose. It's for anyone who love the great outdoors but doesn't like to sacrifice their look.
  • Tremper T supports environmental programs. It works to scholarship inner city children. It brings the urban youth to the country for a chance to experience our beautiful earth.
  • Tremper T is a statement. It says you know the smell of fresh cut grass, but look damn good in those heels.
  • Those who wear Tremper T have an appreciation for both fashion and nature. Together they work in harmony.

It was a simple idea. However, to tell the story of how Tremper T Apparel was created one needs to know a little about the Gentile children. Their mother, Wendy is the youngest daughter of Harold Haar. In 1985 Wendy married Robert Gentile, a musician from Boston, and 5 years later they picked up their family of six and moved to Patterson, New York where they would raise Nicole, Alicia, Michelle and Greg on Camp Herrlich.

Every one of them lived the dream their grandfather built. All were campers who caught frogs in the mud, climbed walls so high they couldn't see the tops, accidentally flipped a canoe, understood the silence of the woods, hiked so long they got blisters, were scared out of their shoes by the story of Jack Straw and fell in love with the smell of campfires. The four of them soon became counselors, cooks, lifeguards and program staff. But they grew up and eventually went off into the world and became a physician’s assistant, a publicist, a private events manager and a teacher. However, despite their lives bringing all four of them physically away from the camp, their hearts remained in the Magic Forest.

In the summer of 2014 the four of them put their heads together to find a way to help support Camp Herrlich, the way it has supported, not only them, but thousands of other children since 1922. The Gentile’s combined all their skills, talents and connections to create a high-quality clothing line. With a bit of creativity and a love for fashion, they decided to embark on building Tremper T Apparel.  The name came from Mt. Tremper, a mountain in the Catskills that was the site of the camp before it moved to Patterson.

The goal was to create sustainable, high-fashion camp t-shirts to help raise money for Camp Herrlich.